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EIM stands for Enterprise Information Management. It is a discipline that encompasses strategies, policies, and technologies for effectively managing and leveraging an organization’s information assets. EIM focuses on the entire lifecycle of information, from creation and capture to storage, analysis, and eventual disposition.

The goal of EIM is to enable organizations to extract maximum value from their information by ensuring its accuracy, integrity, accessibility, and security. EIM goes beyond traditional data management approaches by encompassing both structured and unstructured information, such as documents, emails, multimedia files, social media data, and more. The primary goal of EIM is to organize and control an organization’s unstructured information, including documents, records, emails, web pages, and multimedia files. By implementing EIM, businesses can effectively manage their content, improve access and search capabilities, ensure compliance with regulations and policies, and enhance collaboration and workflow processes.


CSS Professional Services team acquired more than 25 years of experience delivering Enterprise Information Management related services. Certified consultants provide customers best-of-breed services geared towards business automation and content archiving.

Key Benefits

  • CSS has excellent knowledge on a wide range of business and industry processes delivering solutions based on OpenText products including add-on services such as customized features and integrations.
  • CSS provides flexible and tailored engagement model to implement OpenText solutions. The model allows utilizing the team onsite or remotely with the benefit of alleviating engagement logistics and providing competitive consultation rates.
  • CSS supports the lifecycle of solution implementation using common methodologies and utilizing industry best practices whether they relate to usability or infrastructure. CSS engages in Analysis, Design, Testing, Training and post-implementation support and maintenance services.

What’s Included?

 OpenText eDOCS Family

  • OpenText eDOCS Document Management (DM Extensions, MS Office Integration, AutoCAD Integration, InfoCenter, Directory Services, DM Workflow)
  • OpenText eDOCS Records Management (File Plan, File Parts, Records Business Rules, Transfer, Movement, Cutoff/Rollover,   Dispositions, Security, Storage Management)
  • OpenText eDOCS Email Filing (Email Filing Client,   Email Filing Assistant, Quick File, File to eDOCS DM, Subject Filing/Tags, Mark eMails, Subscriptions)
  • OpenText eDOCS Defense (Document encryption at Rest, Activity Monitoring)
  • OpenText Image Crawler for eDOCS (OCR documents in background)
  • eDOCS DM SDK (DM Extensions API,   DM API, Rest-API)

OpenText Extended Enterprise Content Management

  • OpenText Content Server (including core installation and configuration components) (Solutions components such as Document Management, Workflow, Collaboration, Enterprise Connect, Enterprise Scan, Directory Services, Archive Server, etc.)
  • OpenText Records Management (including Physical   Objects) (Retention and Disposition, Physical and Electronic Records, Classification, Hold Maintenance, Circulation, Delete Workflow, Auditing, Version Control, etc.)
  • OpenText Extended ECM for SAP (Business Objects Workspace, RM and Content Archiving, Roles, UI Widgets, Business References,   WebReports, Workflow Extensions, etc.)
  • OpenText Extended ECM for Oracle EBS (Business Objects Workspace, RM and Content Archiving, Roles, UI Widgets, Business References,   WebReports, Workflow Extensions, etc.)
  • OpenText Extended ECM for Microsoft (Extended Workspaces, Archiving for SharePoint, SharePoint UI, Outlook Integration, Office 365, RM   for SharePoint Content)
  • OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering (Workspaces for Engineering, Transmittal Management, Controlled Revision Tracking, CAD   Integration, Drawing Management, Automatic Document Numbering, etc…)
  • OpenText Add-on Modules and Other Solutions (Content Server modules such as Electronic Signature, Advanced Workflows, Communities,   etc.)
  • OpenText Correspondence Management – SmartWork (Infinite routing,   circulation, routing rules, security rules, content archiving and taxonomy,  reports, correspondence labeling, etc.)
  • OpenText Content Server SDK (Development of   custom modules including Workflow Callbacks, Agents, Menu Command, Request   Handlers, Custom Objects, JAVA Objects, OpenText Web Services (JAVA and .NET)   including Admin Services, DM Services, Core Services, Member Services,   Workflow Services, Search Services, Collaboration Services and Records Management Services, Content Server REST API)